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 the natural look...

when dealing with plastic surgery,

your health is first!

What our patients say...

I found Dr. Bernardo in 2005 through a friend. He helped me reduce the size of my breasts and I came back a year later to get a lipectomy after my second pregnancy. He is the most personable doctor I have ever met. Is very comforting that he is always willing to answer my questions personally.

Clare Robinson. ​San Diego, CA.

I visited Dr. Bernardo after having visited two other surgeons. My son kept crying so much with each of the other doctors and it made me very uncomfortable. Dr. Cervantes was very patient and he had a great way to calm my boy. At the end of his moll removal, Jose was very interested to see what the doctor was doing to him. Jose keeps asking me when we will visit doctor Cervantes again.

Josefine Montes. Tijuana, BC. 

I had seen in the magazines and some of the people around me that face lifts allways ended up looking completly artificial looking. I really just wanted to look a bit  younger and stop people from telling me that I looked tired.

Dr. Cervantes has a reputation of doing very natural looking surgeries  and I decided to trust. 

I am so happy that I had my surgery with him, people tell me I look like 10 years younger or just very very well rested. I am now confident to go on dates again.

Sandra Martinez. Los Angeles, CA.

I had a fireworks explosion accident during the Hollidays. I was so scared for myself and for being able to go back to work. Dr. Cervantes operated on my hand and I was able to move all of my fingers within months, I couldn't belive it.

Francisco Ramos. Tijuana, BC.

My husband was very hesitant about me getting breast implants and a tummy tuck. After the surgery he was so happy and excited he wanted to take the doctor out for drinks to celebrate.

I had been told many times that I should get a face lift. As a man, I used to think that these type of surgeries where too vain for men. When my workplace started hiring younger people I reconsidered. Following my sister's advice I went to Dr. Cervantes and he was very professional at explaining everything to me. I felt very comfortable with him from the begining and I am very happy with the results. I was impressed when people only said "You look very fresh and youthfull today", no one could tell that I had had surgery. 

John Garcia. ​San Diego, CA.

Love my new nose, I am coming back for a chin implant.

​My best friends are thinking of following after me.

Anonimous. San Ysidro, CA.

Isabel Mejia. Tijuana, BC.

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